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Chain saws and gas - - observation

Pete in Holland, MI
>I buy my chain saw gas in a 1.5 gallon container. I don't want a lot hanging around to go skunky over time. Chain saw calls for minimum 90 octane gas). Have alway purchased premium gas for the saw, but while getting ready to fill my small container, the thought crossed my mind that the valve that switches from regular/mid/premium gas is within the gas pump some place, and the last purchaser gas (most likely 87 octane regular)is still in the system up to the pump's nozzle. Thus, when I fill my small tank of premium, it is mostly filled with 87 octane while the gas pump hose is purged of the regular before the premium makes it to the nozzle.

This past tank, I punched the premium button, first put about a gallon in my truck, then proceeded to fill the chain saw container.

Saw was a little more spunkier as I continued cutting that afternoon.

Not sure if this thought has ever crossed anybody elses mind ?


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Chain saws and gas - - observation
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