Turning Archive 2007

My Jet Mini power switch died. Arrrrgh!

Brian Hahn in SW Wisconsin
>This afternoon I was using my Jet Mini to make a bunch of new cup centers for turning spheres. I went to turn off the lathe and the lathe kept running. Fortunately, the lathe is plugged into a power strip that's mounted on the leg of the lathe stand. Awkward, but it worked. But the power strip switch isn't designed for that type of usage.

I was hoping to take a couple of sphere to the Badger Woodturners meeting tomorrow (Tuesday). My main lathe, a Conover, is set up for bowl turning, not spindle work. Besides, I'm in the process of decommissioning it -- I ordered a new big lathe a while ago and I'm hoping it will arrive any weekend now.

Well, it was at a convenient time to stop for supper. Guess I'll either have to reactivate the Conover for spindle turning, or skip making the spheres...

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