Turning Archive 2007

If you don't like the AAW Journal....

russ Fairfield
>All of the messages in a recent thread talk as though the American Woodturner is the only game in town. It is not. There are several alternatives whose content is projects for the beginning and intermediate skill levels. One of these is Woodturning Design. It is published 4 times a year, its cost is a couple dollars less than $11 per issue, and it covers everything from furniture parts to pens to lidded boxes and salad bowls in almost every issue. The other is More Woodturning, and it is published 11 times a year for about the same price. Add to that the turning articles that regularly appear in Wood Magazine, American Woodworker, Fine Woodworking, and the other general woodworking publications on the newsstand.

It seems to me that by looking through all of the available magazines we will find the needs of that majority of woodturners we concerned about have already been taken care of.

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