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Now available... (now Eliot!) *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>The September issue of the Newsletter from the Montgomery County Woodturners (Maryland) is now available online – all 28 pages of it. Our Newsletter Editor, Bert Bleckwenn, has outdone himself this month (on top of just coming back from major surgery). I enjoy reading newsletters from other chapters – there are some good ones out there. As Secretary of MCW, I invite you all to have a look at ours at:
This is a standard pdf file to be read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is a free download from our Newsletter page at http://montgomerycountywoodturners.org/Newsletters.aspx
if you need it). Past Newsletter issues are also available from this location.

MCW is a fledgling AAW Chapter formed just this year in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. as a result of the vision of our President, Phil Brown, and our VP, Clif Poodry. (There’s a very interesting profile of Phil in the Newsletter.) We are not trying to compete with the Capital Area Woodturners – indeed, we often try to share out-of-town demonstrators, and most of our 55 MCW members are also active CAW members. Rather, we have opened up yet another venue to engage in the camaraderie of our woodturning passion. Can you have too many woodturning clubs? Nah.... Our Web Site home page, supplied thanks to Webmaster Doug Pearson (Winter 2007 cover of Woodturning Design) is http://montgomerycountywoodturners.org/default.aspx
or it can be accessed simply as www.montgomerycountywoodturners.org.

Eliot’s prematurely ;-) announced photos of his four HFs are on page 12. Yes, the flat one is really that flat – he’s pushing the envelope in his investigation of flat-topped pieces. Well, maybe not quite as flat as in the top center photo on page 12 -- I have to apologize for the fact that this photo was inadvertently published distorted. I include the original, undistorted shot here. Eliot’s HFs are thin and light, and that flat one is downright scary. I would like to add that, as MCW Program Director, Eliot has lined up Ed Kelle, Brian Butters, Bill Grumbine, and Keith Tompkins to demo at our remaining four meetings this year. Does it get any better? If you are going to be, or can plan to be in the neighborhood of Rockville, Maryland, we invite one and all to join us as guests. We meet on the Thursday evening before the second Saturday of each month. The particulars are in the Newsletter.

Bert says he’s not going to do 28 pages again, but you can expect future MCW Newsletters to be on the order of his usual 20 pages. We invite you to view them each month. As MCW unofficial candid photographer, I plan to be posting some shots here from the above-mentioned demos by our fellow WCers, as I did recently with Ed’s CAW demo. Stay posted.

Cheers, Gary

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