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Help needed on grinding P&N detail gougee *PIC*

WayneLeach - NW Ont
>Hi Everyone,
The other day I was in the city and feeling very "low" as I had been told that I had a tumor in the esophagus. CAT scan failed to confirm this and gastroscopy indicated pre cancerous cells. After I got out of hospital, I went straight to Lee Valley and bought a detail gouge to cheer myself up. I made a cherry handle for it today but now that I look at the grind on the gouge, I am not sure what to do with it. I have included pics that show how it came and would appreciate any hints on how to grind or regrind it. The gouge actually has 2 grinds, one at 25degrees and the small grind at approx. 50 degrees
Next time I buy a tool it will be from Doug Thompson!
Thanks for the help in advance,

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