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My stone crusher... *PIC*

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

Tonight's Turning Chat will focus on crushed stone inlay techniques and how to crush your own stone for inlay. Here is a picture of a stone crusher I designed and had a friend weld up for me...

The base is about 12" x 12", the crushing chamber is 2" in diameter and 6" tall. The crushing ram is 15" tall and is solid steel in the lower section, with a large bolt welded to the top so it's easier to remove and replace.

To use my crusher, I simply load a few rough stones into the crushing chamber and replace the crushing ram. The top of the ram is then struck with a sledge hammer, or a hand sledge several times, whilst twisting the ram to mix up the stone in the chamber.

Periodically, I remove the ram and sift the crushed stones, grading them into three sizes, very, very small, small and medium. The graded stones are then placed into plastic bags (recycled from pen kits) for later inlay.

If you get a chance, stop by the Turning Chat tonight for our discussion on crushed stone inlay. Take care and best wishes to you and yours!

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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