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Electrical question if you don't mind please

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I have wired up many 15 and 20 amp circuits on my own. Even added a sub panel for a 30 amp circuit in my old home without killing anyone. Trying to do that again in my garage so I can run my tablesaw which requires 220v/30a service. Wanted to run this by you to make sure I have it right.

The distance is not long, maybe 75 feet total and there will be only a single receptacle on this circuit. I ran 12/3 wire. I purchased a double pole 30 amp breaker. The ground and the white neutral wire both go into the neutral/ground bus bar in the panel. The black and red each go to one of the poles on the breaker.

The tablesaw has a 3 wire cord running out of it, white/black/green.

The receptacle is a 3 prong type. The bare ground gets wired to the metal box. The white neutral goes to the ground terminal in the receptacle. Red and black each go to one of the other prongs as they are hots.

From the tablesaw; black and white are both hot and go to the hot terminals matching the receptacle. Green goes to the ground prong.

I'm no pro at this - you won't hurt my feelings by telling me I have something wrong, and you may save my life! I think if anything I have backwards are the neutral and ground but you tell me, please. Thank you.

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