Turning Archive 2007

Off center or multi center woodturning

john lucas
>I've gone through most of my books in the last week doing research for my off center demo. If your interested in doing some of this the best books I've found so far are:

Multi-center woodturning by Ray Hopper. He gives a bunch of fun projects and some really good ideas on how to mount work to achieve off center affects. The examples are clear and the projects fun. Some are quite challenging to your turning skills.

Woodturning Methods by Mike Darlow. He has a 3 chapters on multi center, elliptical, and eccentric turning. As with all his books there are a lot of excellent diagrams and examples that help you design your own projects.

Off center turning requires some beefier tools and higher speeds than you might be used to. By beefier I don't necessarily mean bigger just designed to handle the stress of hanging over the tool rest a pretty good way. I like the Thompson spindle gouges and the P@N spindle gouges because they are thicker on the bottom and absorb more vibration.

When your turning off center work, particularly when your have a lot of air between the cuts, it is important to stay light on the bevel. Push the tool down on the tool rest when you feel vibration, not into the work. I don't know who coined the phrase gliding the bevel but that's what you want to do. Glide it don't ride it.

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