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Hunter #3 tool vs Munro Mini

Ed Moore
>I received a question from someone on WC asking if the cutter from one could be put on the other. But this doesn't address that. I simply took the cover off the Munro Mini tool and straightened it since it is articulated and tried to see if it would cut similar to the Hunter when used the same way.

First, the Munro cutter is about 0.3" in diameter and the Hunter #3 is about 0.4" in diameter. The Hunter cutter is very shallow and by comparison the Munro Mini is rather deep.

My observation on a piece of poplar and a piece of pear is that the depth of the Munro cutter makes it more aggressive and a bit grabby. For quick removal of material the Munro would seem to win. But the Hunter mas much easier to control and didn't grab. I found that when cutting a cup in the end-grain I had to move the handle of the Munro to the right more or it would shriek and cut a groove. The Hunter was more forgiving when making the same cut. I think this was entirely due to the difference in the depth of the cutters. With the tool facing to the left, say at 9 o'clock, I found that I didn't want to rotate it more than to about 10 o'clock when cutting.

I guess I should return to the test pieces and see how the Munro does with the cover on it, which of course was how it was designed to be used. The cover might make it difficult to cut a small cup as I was doing. Or at least one would need to really move the Munro handle to the right to do that.

Since inquiring minds wanted to know,


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