Turning Archive 2007

Wenge HF with Holly Finial *PIC*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>This is the latest to go to the gallery. It is part of my experiment of Segmented HF with no design rings. This one is Wenge, but the color between two different pieces of wood looked bad, so I dyed it with black trans tint. Then I dyed some grain filler red and used it on the Wenge. It looks neat, but only up really close.

Sans finial it is about 13 tall, and 9 or so wide.

I am not at all satisfied with any of the pictures I took. The only thing that is worse than photographing shiny stuff, is photographing shiny black. Once I got it so that it did not look like it was being lit by 2000 watt spotlight, then it looks like a matt finish. Oh well. Be assured that it is as shiny and all the others.

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