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General 260 owners: Banjo?

Jake (SoMN)

I recently raised the headstock on my general 260 lathe from a 12" swing to a 20" swing. My old banjo's are too small to allow me to work on the edges of large platters and bowls. This is especially frustrating when I want to move from working on the back of a bowl to the front. That requires me to remove the workpiece, slide the banjo and remount the workpiece.

Does anybody have a source for a new banjo that woould work with a 20" lathe. I have contacted both Powermatic and Oneway. They want $265 and $225 respectivly. Given my current financial status, (my loving wife would not understand another big ticket lathe item), I am looking for a lower cost solution.

Or, does anybody want to trade a nearly new banjo for a 12" lathe....I have two extra.


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General 260 owners: Banjo?
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