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Al's a genius or I'm a dolt, maybe both

Mike Hamilton
>I took my lathe questions and issues about alignment and mobility offline with Al Crandall the other day. One nagging item was that the centers didn't line up (off only a little and only in the horizontal plane). He came back with one word - twist - and suggested I get a machinist level and just level it to the world. No machinist level here but I understand winding sticks. Sure enough, a smidgen of twist/wind. A few spins of one leveler and bingo, perfect alignment and, I suppose, a multi-beer debt.
So, don't be a dim-bulb like me and just run out the levelers until nothing rocks, make sure the bed is straight!

Mike Hamilton
Plainfield, IN

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Al's a genius or I'm a dolt, maybe both
Be very, very careful
Re: Al's a genius or I'm a dolt, maybe both
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