Turning Archive 2007

Found belts for Jet Mini Lathe and other tools!

Larry In Lima
>I just wanted to pass this information on. From time to time, I see somebody here looking for belts for tools. I was looking for an inexpensive (but good quality) belt for my Jet Mini Lathe, as well as a drive belt for a very, very small bandsaw that I have. I came across a place called "The Belt Store", http://www.beltsforanything.com.

Checked out their website, said the heck with it, and called them. Figured they knew what I needed better than I did ;) .

Phyllis (didn't get a last name), was great. Knew exactly what I needed and had it, prices were great. Just over $7.00 for the lathe belt, and $4.50 for the bandsaw drive belt. Got them by postal mail, very cheap shipping, and they actually fit just right!!

I'd recommend that everyone get a spare if you don't already have one for your lathe. Simple things will stop your turning faster than anything!!

Very pleased with their service and prices. No affiliation or relation to them, yada, yada, yada... Larry

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