Turning Archive 2007

Hunter carbide tips- long *PIC*

George Van
>Last Wednesday I was in Duluth, MN, with Mike Hunter and some friends to try some of Mike’s tools and prototypes out. We had a good time and everyone had a chance to try all the tools on different woods and at different settings. I used one in a Sudol bar on a 16” vase and was very impressed on the ease of removing a lot of wood in a hurry. When I returned I bought a 3/16” Hunter tip for my Trent Bosh tool and have been giving it a go on some junk pieces that have rot and cracks to see how they perform on questionable blanks. I am enjoying the Trent Bosch tool more than ever now that it has the new tip. It is more aggressive and therefore I have to be more careful and check thickness more often while I hollow, as I am removing more material than I did previously with less effort. The figured grain and the rot/solid areas seem to pose no problems for this cutter. One of the fellows said he uses his in root balls with good success. I also have a tip to try on my Rolly Munro tool, I am anxious to get a nut so I can give it a try also.
Below is one that made it, spalted maple crotch 6”x4.25. The neck was intended to be higher and smaller but the pith was so rotten I had to turn lower to get to somewhat good wood for a rim. I had one other that did not make it as I could not hold the cracks and rot together. The foot had to be this size as smaller or round would have been rot and I can already look through the bottom. Sorry, I still have problems getting enough light bounced to the front of the vase to eliminate shadowed areas.

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