Turning Archive 2007

Sometime things just happen *LINK*

>Substitute at Bridge and bring host a small woodturning as a gift. Find out host is head of the Art Department at the local college and when she calls to ask if I would like to show my work. Fast forward 6 months. The Gallery Director calls and ask if I want to show in June since she needs a 3d artist to round out an exhibition. I say what the heck, I have too much wood sitting around the house.

Take about 50+ pieces to the gallery and decide since I'm an artist now I should use only my first name. Sell six pieces the evening of the opening and leave for the Symposium in Portland the next day. Come back from a week at the Oregon coast and find out they need more pieces. When the show closes I've sold 24 pieces and received an invitation to join one the biggest artist Co-ops in the state. Submit jury application and will have the final interview in a couple of weeks.

I don't know if I want to wake-up and find out I have to make art every day. That's a lot of pressure for a retired guy. Did I say this was a gloat?

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