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Bill Grumbine Demo on Cape Cod


The Cape Cod Woodturners hosted Mr. Bill Grumbine for a 2 day turning extravaganza/demo.
Bill was fantastic. His turning ability combined with his sharp wit was a huge crowd pleaser.
We never knew when he was going to be telling a funny story or showing a turning technique. It kept the crowd on it's toes all day.
Bill taught us all about the "turning muscle" and after he "gouged" the bowl blanks he "skewed" our spindles.

I had the additional pleasure of hosting him at my family cottage.
Bill joined my family for a classic New England clam boil on Thursday night.
He also got to hang out with my neighbors and I for our usual Friday night "Men's Night" where we taught him the basics of the game of cribbage.
After the Saturday demo he attended our annual neighborhood Block Party.
I hope he had a good time. I certainly enjoyed my weekend with him.

Any individual or club seeking an experienced turner/teacher should keep Bill in mind. He was great.

We had a great time.

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