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Weekend Work *PIC*

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>Haven't posted stuff in a while so

This is a Box Elder "vase" 13"x6". Understand this wasn't supposed to be a vase; it was originally done to be a jar necked in to a 1-1/2" opening from where the rim is now to about 15" total. However, while hollowing the last inch or so, I lost the set screw on my Jordan bar, got a huge [WHAMBO!] catch, and the bar shattered to top and split the sides when it bounced on the tool rest. Filled the splits with resin tinted with "Bordeaux" Transtint, CA'd the micro cracks, and was able to finish the form. Not great on the inside (some ridges and bumps) but the wood is just too fragile to risk any more cutting.

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