Turning Archive 2007

Don't try this at home; can you say "stupid"?

john pickett
>1. turn your lathe on before securing eye protection.

Don't do this at home

2. after applying cyanoacrylate liberally to cracks and soft wood, turn your lathe on prior to insuring that the stuff is all dry

Don't do this at home, either.

Whatever you do, don't do these things in conjunction with each other.

My first mistake was going out to turn at this hour of night having just waked up...with no one else awake in the house. My second mistake, which was actually my first mistake, was not having cleared a path between my lathe and the back door (my shop is in a state of, shall we say, transition)

I was awake enough to know what I was doing, but obviously not awake enough to actually be be doing it. :(

To make a long story short, I sort of glued my left eye shut ... just a few eyelashes at the corner which I just shaved of. Thank goodness I didn't actually get any in my eye.

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