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Ken Romines
>I have a 1 1/2 horse 230 volt Emerson motor to mount on the 12” Delta lathe I am trying to rebuild, but alas, I am a nurse and a wood turner want to be, so I need an amen before I do something really, really dumb.

The motor label has the following info schematic:

Blue ---------L1

Brown ---------Insulate

White / Orange -------Insulate

Purple / Red --------Insulate

Black / Yellow--------L2

To Reverse Rotation Interchange Red and Black

I also have two Siemens 42CF115AG contractors with an interlock to reverse the motor.

Question 1. I connect my two hot wires to L1 and L2 on both contractors. On the out L1 side of both contractors I run one wire to L1 (blue) on the motor. On contractor A I connect L2 to the Black/Yellow lead and that will get me my forward rotation. Do I run the lead from contractor B to the Red Purple leads to get the opposite rotation or ?????

Question 2. The motor will run 1725 RPMs with a 1 1/2 inch pulley on the shaft. I still have the Delta Variable Speed (Reeves) drive shaft connected to the lathe. Will this slow down the speed too much? I want to turn bowls and hollow forms when I get this finished. There won’t be a large number of spindles turned.

Does this make any sense at all?

Thanks again in advance for all the information/knowledge and inspiration you guys and gals provide.


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