Turning Archive 2007

My first six pens and a lonely pencil *PIC*

Hub in Ontario
>Well here it is, my first foray into the round side. A few weeks ago I was able to pick up a new (used) Delta Midi lathe for $150 CDN and thought I would like to try my and at making a pen or two.

Thanks to the folks at the Thames Valley Woodturners in London, Ontario and especially Bob Hewson, I was able to turn out a pretty respectable pen, the one on the left in the attached photo. By the way, Bob has the patience of Job and was very accommodating and thanks to you Bob if you check in here.

So I got home and immediately turned the rest.

The matching pencil in Cocobolo, a pen in apple wood, one in African Bosse, a Mont Blanc in African Ebony, one in Cocobolo and the last monster is my first try at an acrylic, it is a Cigar pen made from a bowling ball piece.

This is where I could use some help if I might. I did not get a very good polish on this last one. I started with 400 wet, then 600 wet and up through the micro mesh all wet and finished with EEE. Does not shine very well but this might be the material. What series of steps do you use to finish acrylics and to my CDN friends, where do you buy your finishing supplies.

Now if only I can sharpen my skew again. By the way an observation, this is not an easy tool to use but I am committed to getting the hang of it. All were finished with a skew after bringing them to round.

Thanks for looking and any comments that might help me improve are greatly appreciated especially sharpening that darned skew.


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