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live centers & a few other ?'s *LINK*

Carol - Strawberry, AZ
>I am about to order a live center from Grizzly, along with a drill chuck arbor.

My Jet mini lathe has MT2, is that right? I have a new drill chuck that says JT #33 on it. So I will be getting G1435. ($9)

My question has to do with the live center. There are a lot to choose from. Aside from double the price (in the interest of my lint filled, but otherwise empty wallet), any reason the $24 G5686 is twice as good as the $12 H3408?

Do I need a spur drive? Grizzly has H3406, a 4 spur drive for $6.

Turns out I have 2 chucks! But I have no alder or poplar to make waste blocks. The local lumber yard doesn't carry anything but construction lumber. Next Wednesday I am going to Norfolk, NE, a bigger community than Bassett. Hopefully I can find something there. Or can I make construction lumber 2x stuff work?

I just 'won' an auction for a little 9" Delta band saw on eBay. I needed 'something' to cut wood. It certainly won't replace my Powermatic at home but then the Powermatic didn't fit in the car when I came here. Here is another rationalization. The lathe can swing 9" so the band saw should be a match! Like I said, better than nothing.

Thanks for your help. Things are slowly coming together.

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