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Tool Gloat - captured HF rig w/laser *PIC*

Chip in Plano
>I finally pulled the trigger on a captured HF rig with laser. Took saving up from gifts from 2 birthdays, 2 father's day and Christmas to squirrel away a few bucks. Did I mention that I have a teenage daughter with an appetite for spending money.

Thanks to this forum and several other discussion forums and blogs on hollowing rigs. I did months of reading and indecision. It was a difficult choice since I didn't have direct access to use the many models marketed. In the end I went with Monster Lathe Tools setup.

HF turning hasn't been very enjoyable lately. I made several mistakes to the tune of about $60 bucks of ruined wood but in terms of the pieces I ruined, the revenue loss was probably closer to $300 or so. Physically, hollowing was a drag with hours leaning over a lathe not to mention the beating my hands, fingers, wrists, elbow took doing HF freehand.

I'll try to report back the outcome and what I learned along the way.

The fit and finish of the components is just great. You can judge for yourself about the plethora of various attachments. I opted for the extra tool handle. The purchase experience was first-rate, very accommodating with zero problems.

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Tool Gloat - captured HF rig w/laser *PIC*
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