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>I just read a current Woodturning Design Magazine that ran an article on the subject. While I always find this type of thing very useful and interesting
it almost always means another trip to a tool store and more money spent.
Here are the listed accessories from the magazine.
1. spring-loaded punch (for marking centres, rubber capped to avoid hand injury)
2. centre finder
3. dead blow mallet
4. compass
5. pizza cutouts (for use as templates when cutting bowl blanks) I'd rather have the pizza
6. CA glue
7. various calipers
8.WD-40 or equivalent
9. water spray bottle (for raising grain, green turning, etc.)
10. morse taper jacobs chuck

My list would include
1. blue masking tape (a multitude of uses)
2. box fan (for dust & heat )
3. long hemostats (internal hollow form sanding & ever drop something under the ways and cannot reach?)
4. task lighting ( I'm still waiting for someone to invent one thats indestructable as well as practical)
5. paper towels
6. japanese flush cut saw (for removing tenons)
8. plunger type lotion dispensers ( i like these for oil finishes )
9. divided office inbox (for storing sandpaper)
10. magnetic tool holding strip
11. magnet reacher ( I used stiff wire and a large speaker magnet see #3)
12. mechanical grabber type reacher ( by now you may correctly surmise that I tend to drop things often)
13. shop & woody vices
14. magnifier ( i hate missing scratches only to find them too late)
15. shop made bowl depth gauge ( Bill Grumbine style)
16. cordless drill (life as i know it would end without this one)

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