Turning Archive 2007

Jet Mini lathe

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>Greetings to all,

A couple of weeks ago my cousin's son contacted me about his interest in woodturning. We set up a time for him to visit and check out my lathes and shop.

He is a bright and talented kid of about 16 years of age. He told me that his high school still had a woodworking shop and that his teacher had been a big help to him.

After talking for a few minutes he told me he would like to buy a mini lathe to have at his place. So, I told him to take my mini to try and see if it would work out for him.

Well, to make a long story short.... or a little shorter :) He emailed me tonight to say he is looking to buy one. He feels that the Jet mini will work out very well for him.

Soooo, I an seeking the collective wisdom of the group to find the best price you have seen lately for the Jet mini. Money is a big thing to a 16 year old, and I would like to find the best price for him. I have already told him that he can use mine as long as he would like to, but he would like to have his own.

Thanks for any info on any deals you may have run across lately. He is not looking for the variable speed, just the old belt change model.


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