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Art and Craft shows

Bill Hale
>I thought I would post info on doing the craft show thing to help pay for our toys, sandpaper and glue.
We just finished another rural show and finished out at over $ 2500.00.
I have done the high cost city shows and made little to nothing. When I did a Scottsdale , AZ. show and did $ 0 I did a little research. In some of the larger cities, Scottsdale-Phoenix, there are as many as 10 shows within a ten mile radius every weekend and people just go to have something to do.
I now do only smaller summer turist towns with summer homes. RV people are touchy feeley but not buyers.
Do jurried shows that include only crafted items, no commercial stuff. My price point is about $ 40.00 with a mix up to $ 800.00
TAKE CREDIT CARDS ! It is easy to set up with your bank at a minimal cost. I take the cards and process them when we get home. You do not need fancy stuff to do this. We run about 80% credit card sales and have been fortunate enough to have never had a bad one.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Good turning, be safe and make a buck
Bill in Show Low AZ.

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