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Steady 118 VAC finally

>My power company did a fantastic job of solving my voltage problem. They put a new transformer on my pole, then a new regulator and larger transformer between me and the substation but the new regulator was defective so they had to go back and replace that again, all this done in the cool mountain afternoon temps of about 99 degrees in the shade. After going from way too low to way too high I now have a steady 118 volts.....now I can go back to work! Had I not checked my voltage there would have been a lot of neighbors with burned out well pumps and A/C's. For those who don't know how to check your voltage it is very easy to take a $10 digital voltmeter (RadioShack) and wire a 110 plug to the leads; then all you have to do is plug it into an outlet. Money well spent.

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Steady 118 VAC finally
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