Turning Archive 2007

WAY OT: growing big tomatoes *PIC*

keith tompkins
>This year, I finally decided to put in a small garden...due to my turning commitments, I've not grown a garden at all in the past four years. Formerly, I regularly competed in our county fair with my vegetables, taking many first place ribbons. For you gardeners out there, I'm going to share my tomato-growing recipe. First, dig a hole for each plant, two feet deep ideally. Then fill the hole with compost (mine is composted sheep, rabbit, and poultry manure, the world-record holder composts kudzu vine). Then add to each hole: 1 packet unflavored gelatin, 1 cup powdered milk, 1 Tsp. epson salts, and a handful of crushed oyster shells or bone meal. Water occasionally with fish and seaweed emulsion. The cages holding the plants in the photo are 5 feet; the plants will exceed 7 feet soon.

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