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OT: Pricing a barn building for a shop

steve antonucci
>As I have been given the "go ahead" to build a shop, I've been out looking at options and cost for a variety of different options.

I know I can get a "large shed" from Lowes (16x24- two story) for 10K built onsite, with my only other cost being the foundation/piers, but it's a rather ugly building, and I'm not sure I want to look at it every day of my life in perpetuity.

Option B is stick built to my specifications. Haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this, but I assume creative control of the look and feel.

Option C is a "barn". I've been looking at 18x24 post and beam barns with lofts that could be decked. Pricing is more than Option A, but not so much more than to exclude it. What is a good "rule of thumb" for pricing a barn? Is it by square footage? Can they be built on a slab? Piers with a wood floor? Looks like about 20K for the structures I've seen (additonal costs for foundation and electrical...)

Guidance, please.


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