Turning Archive 2007

Ready to begin! (woohoo!)

Carol - Strawberry, AZ

I have settled (for a year in north central Nebraska) and I brought my mini-lathe with me. I have never used it!

It has been three years since my first lesson from Wally and over a year since I even held a turning tool. So consider me starting from scratch.

I have some dry stuff to practice on. Now to mount it. I have a screw chuck thingie, a couple of face plates, and a lathe chuck. Where to begin?

Here come the questions, folks.

Since my only experience (what little there has been) is with bowls, I will stay with that. Is the top of the bowl the pith side of the blank?

If I remember correctly, Wally had me bore a hole into what would be the top of the bowl and turn in the screw chuck. Then flatten the bottom. Then glue on a waste block. Mount the face plate on the waste blank.

Am I OK so far?

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