Turning Archive 2007

Waxed blanks question

Bob Way, Canton, MI
>At last year's Louisville Symposium I picked up a 3 x 3 x 12 Brazilian tulipwood square from one of the vendors. It is coated in a heavy wax. I started to prep a small piece of it for a project and cut off what I needed on the bandsaw. But, oldest son and delightful daughter-in-law showed up and seduced me out of the shop with a trip to the ice cream parlor (I'm so easy). I set the blank down and when I came back to it next day, I noticed the end of the remaining bigger chunk had developed a fairly decent crack in the center of the cut end.

So, my question is should I have removed the wax or done some other prep work with the square before hand to help it stabilize?

Bob Way
Canton, MI.

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