Turning Archive 2007

Low Voltage Problem update

>Once the electric company was notified of my low voltage they did everything possible to fix the problem asap. Yesterday they replaced my transformer; today they did something down the road, not sure what but it involved 3 bucket trucks, etc. At 3:00pm I was down to 105 volts; at 4:15 I was back up to 116 volts. In this very hot weather it would be worth anyone's trouble to closely monitor your supply voltage and keep a log if the voltage is less than 110/220. Your insurance company will not pay to replace your well pump, your A/C, your refridge or anything else if the problem is low voltage. You cannot ask your electrical company to pay for these unless you have supporting info to back up your requests. I am not a lawyer and don't want to become one, (too many friends to loose) but I think the providers of power are required to maintain 110 volts minimum or be accountable for damages. No records...no chance.

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