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Jet vs General Head to Head

dave caudill
>I know these questions come up a lot and are bothersome to some but I have to ask it here because its the best place for objective opinions. I'm looking at upgrading my lathe. I have an old Delta 1965 home or hobby model lathe and need more. I'm looking at the Jet 1642 and the General 25-650. They look pretty compareable. The jet a 2hp motor the General a 1.5. And the outboard turning options are different the General swivels the Jet moves down to the end where the tailstock sits.

Anyone here have any experioence they'd like to share both good and bad for these two or one or other of these lathes? And please those of you with the Powermatic 3520 please don't say "for another $800 you could get......". I know, I know but I'm at my spending limit and these are my choices. Please don't abuse me any more than I have already abused myself.

Anyways if anyone would like to venture an opinion or if they think they both stink by all means please join in. And any other options you think I should try are also wlecome.

Thanks all.


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