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I just discovered how to get a CSR on the phone...

>I had several mystery numbers from Kirkwood Mo. on my long distance phone bill. When I tried the number it came back as "this PSC number is not in service at his time." So, it was a cell phone number that was being called from our phone. We do not know the number or anyone who might have lived in Mo. at one time and be roving around with a MO. cell phone number.

I called the line subscriber for the long distance service and was told to have the service provider check for a crossed line. I called Verizon and was immediately put into touch with "Hals Wife", (for those of you old enough to remember 2001 A Space Odyssey. After 10 minutes of conversation with "her" I gave up and called back and dialed the Repair 800 number. Got Hals Wife again. This time, at the first "yes" or "no" question, I said "Si'" and Hals Wife said "I'm sorry, did you say you wanted to talk with a Customer Service Representative?" I immediately said "Yes" and was talking to an english speaking gentleman in 30 seconds.

So, if you are a Gringo you go through digital hell trying to solve an issue but if you speak spanish, you get right to the front of the line!!

End result, had to block all (314) prefix numbers... go figure.

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I just discovered how to get a CSR on the phone...
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