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my sander bit the dust

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>Hello: I have a Milwaukee close quarter drill that I have used only for sanding. I have had it for about a year and bought it as a factory reconditioned unit. Yesterday it started acting up a little. The variable speed trigger would not let the drill start out at a slow speed but was either off or running about 3/4 speed. So today, I was trying to finish up a sanding a bowl. I used the drill, and then laid it down on the bed of my lathe. It about a minute it started running on its own, ran for about 5 seconds and right when I picked it up a lot of smoke came out of it and actual flames came out the back motor vents. The case was very hot, almost too hot to touch. I am just thankful it happened when I was close to it and that it didnt fall into the dry shavings under the lathe and start them on fire. Now I just have to see if the warranty is any good. Anyone else ever have something like that happen? Jared

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