Turning Archive 2007

First use of new chain saw

Stuart Johnson
>My old saw is a 22 year old Craftsman with an 18" bar. The manual doesn't say the hp but I think it is 39cc. I've cut a lot of wood with the saw and from day one is has been hard work. I've been toying with the idea of a new saw for sometime and after spending close to 2 hours trying to get it to start decided now was the time.

Yesterday I bought a Stihl MS361. Today I filled up and after a few tugs to get things primed the first time it fired right up. I let it idle while I set a nice sized piece of Mesquite up on my sawing stand. The ends needed to be cut off and then the log split for blanks. I proceeded to cut the end off the log plus cut my stand in half. I didn't just cut into it I went straight through it. There was no downward pressure required like with the Craftsman.

I doubt if I'll ever wake up and think oh boy I get to go chain sawing today. But, I can see where using a good chain saw take away the dread.

By the way when I put the new saw away I thought I would give the old one another try. It fired on the first pull. I'll save it for when I have to cut brush out of the ditches.

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