Turning Archive 2007

Chainsaw sharpening

>Whatever method that you use to sharpen a chainsaw chain there are 2 very important things to remember:

1) You must know what you want the tooth to look like when you finish. Unless you know this you are wasting your time.

2) The cutting edge is furthest from the bar. Many people push down on the file and effectively are only sharpening the gullet of the tooth. You must lift the file on the last couple of strokes to sharpen the cutting edge of the tooth. The underside of the top of the tooth is what needs sharpening.

You want the finished tooth to look like the letter "C" from the side. If you raise the file handle too high you will remove the corner of the tooth. The corner is the most important part of the tooth as it starts the cut. After the corner starts the cut the top edge of the tooth peels the chip out. The drags are important too but be careful not to take too much off them because that may make the chain very grabby, causing kick-back.

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