Turning Archive 2007

New HF *PIC*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Thought I would post my latest.

14.5" top to bottom, 6" at the wide point. Wood - Paduak, Holly, and dyed veneer. Walls are about 5/16" thick. The finial is actually dyed Holly. I originally made the finial taller, and left it white, but the white color was not very dramatic, and was just too tall (maybe 30% taller than this). So, I cut it down, and died it, and am happy with it. The finial is threaded to a threaded collar.

This is part of a new series that I am trying. No design rings, just the wood, the finish, and the shape to recommend it (kind of like regular woodturning).

One frustrating thing about photographing woodturning for me, is that somehow, the shape I see in the photo is not the shape I see in real life. In the photo, the shoulder looks sharper and the top of the shoulder looks flatter than in real life.

For Jamie and John - lighting - I can see now, that I should have taken the left light just a touch further back so that it would not have caused that highlight on the left edge, and maybe backed out on the right/front light to cut the reflected size, and maybe actually allowed more shadow to give the photo some depth. But it is 1:30am, I have to get to bed, and have to ship this to the gallery in the morning.

As always, critiques welcome.

Thanks for looking.


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