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Newspaper Article- Art Buried in a Tree *LINK* *PIC*

Andy DiPietro
>Just wanted to share with my WoodCentral friends a newspaper article that I am in today. I am one of three Woodturners from the NJ based club DelVal Woodturners featured in the South Jersey Courier Post Article. This was a lot of fun to do and I am really impressed with the photographs that were taken by a professional photographer.
I have posted on WC over the last 6 months five out of the six hollow forms pictured on the first page.

I had to compress the files down so it is a little hard to read. I also included a link to additional photos that were taken for the article. It is on www.courierpostonline.com clink on photo galleries on the left of the webpage under Webextra, then click on Enjoying the Art of Woodturning 08/06/07. Comments are welcome.

Andy DiPietro

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