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Dick Coers
>I've been investigating decorative or ornamental turning lathes and accessories. Today I found a listing that Woodturning Magazine issues, #12 Jan/Feb 1993, #13 Mar/Apr 1993, and #14 May/Jun 1993 ran a story on building an ornamental lathe. Does anyone have those issues, would be willing to sell them, or can help me out with a few details?

I'm new to this messageboard but have been woodworking and woodturning for a long time. I plan on getting involved here as much as I can. I'm also friends with Terry Quiram and Keith Zimmerman (does that help or hurt here LOL). One last reference point, I was the project builder/designer for Woodworker's Journal (preRockler)when Ellis was in his prime in the magazine business.

Thanks guys, see you around.

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Woodturning Magazine back issues
Re: Woodturning Magazine back issues
mine starts at issue #45 sorry *NM*
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