Turning Archive 2007

Bowl Number 4 *PIC*

Mike Daddis, Fairport, NY
>Took a while but I finally found more time to play on the lathe again. I found a nice piece of ambrosia maple that was only 2.5" thick. So I tried my hand at turning a shallow bowl. Over all I am pleased, but if to take a close look at the picture, you can see an issue I was having. There were two places on the bottom of the inside of the bowl where the grain of the wood was giving me problems. The spots seemed to be feathering up along the outlines of the grain.

No matter what I tried the issue did not get any better. I tried sharpening my bowl gouge. I tried scraping aggressively and scraping with very light cuts. Finally I gave up and thought maybe sanding woud take care of it. No luck there either. What ever I tried seemed to just push the wave of the grain back as well as the feathering.

The issue was not so pronounced when I finished it with a wipe on poly, however it reappeared when I made the mistake of buffing with white diamond compound...Really highlighted the problem.

Any suggestions?

(Sorry about the photography)

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