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OT. Langley Air Force Base

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>Around the middle of the month I am helping my son move to Virgina. He will be working for a contractor.They will be modernizing the Air Force library system. We will be looking for an apartment for him and a camp ground to stay in with my travel trailer until we get him moved in. If you are familiar with the area please drop me an e-mail. tek519@yahoo.com Any information will be appreciated. Currently he is living in Baton Rouge. He just finished his masters in library science at LSU. He serve 4 years in the Marines as an officer, between his bachelor degree (from Kent State University) and his Masters from LSU. I hope he isn't too hard on the Air Force personnel. Actually he plans to keep it low key, but if they start ribbing him about being a Marine, he says they are fair game.

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OT. Langley Air Force Base
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