Turning Archive 2007

OT -- Information needed re TVs

Dinyar Chavda
>I don't know if others have experienced it, but we have been plagued with the incredible shrinking TV phenomenon, i.e., the TVs that were just fine for us a few years ago seem to have shrunk in size! We were watching Kill Point the other night (great show---the police captain gives lectures correcting peoples' grammar in the middle of hostage negotiations!), and I had to pause the action and walk right up to the TV to read some text-messaging on a phone.

Anyway, I have been researching flat panels, and find it somewhat confusing, partly because the technology is changing relatively fast, and the prices are dropping quickly also. Going to a store is of limited use (other than deciding on size), as all the sets are configured differently. What I'd like is one or more sites that will aid in the selection of a tv in a methodical fashion. Ideally, I am looking for a site equivalent to the one for cameras, dpreview.com, which allows you to pick features, and then lists the products that have those features.

I figured that there would be some videophiles in the WC audience that can help.



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