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>I guess many of you know Phil, he is the former president of the AAW. He is a great guy and having a rough time right now. He had emergency surgery on his spine a few weeks ago. This message come over the WOW newsgroup and I thought I would pass it on.

Hi everyone
I got an e-mail from Phil's daughter yesterday sharing some news about Phil.
I am posting it here because I know some of you were very close to him and may want to participate on sharing get well and birthday wishes.

Here it is:
Hi All,
This is Kara Brennion, Phil Brennion's daughter. I hope this email finds all
of you well and enjoying the end of the summer. As most of you know my father
has been in the hospital in Phoenix since early July, and had a major emergency
surgery on his spinal cord. After a pretty intense two weeks of post-op recovery
dad has finally moved to the Barrow's Neurological Rehab and finished his
first week there. They are beating him up with about four plus hours of
occupational, physical and other therapy sessions daily. The rehab center has
been great this first week of recovery, and we are all excited to see how dad
progresses in the coming weeks. The hopes are that he will regain his movement
in both his arms and legs with time.
With that said, my father has a birthday on August 10, this coming Friday, and I
have a favor to ask of you all. These last few weeks have taken a toll on
everyone especially dad and I wanted to ask you all if you would like to send
him a birthday wish/ get well. I am planning to put together birthday wishes
from everyone who know and care about him. If you would like to send him a
birthday wish/ get well I would love to include it. Below is my email address
where any b-day wishes can be sent. You are also welcome to send e-cards to the
same address, for this is the email I have access to (due to limited access from
my dads email account please do not send birthday wishes there). Please pass
this email along to others as well, for I do not have email address to very
many of dad?s friends.
Thank you all for your great support throughout this trying time, as well as
your thoughts and prayers. My family and I truly appreciate the concerns from
everyone. It is so nice to know how many people care about my father. Please
continue to keep us in your thoughts. I look forward to receiving notes from
you all to pass along to dad. Please help me make this a great success!


Kara Brennion

(928) 925-2728

PO Box 360
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

Email: kbrennio@email.arizona.edu

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