Turning Archive 2007

#1 hunter tool in new holders *PIC*

john lucas
>Below are some photos of the #1 hunter tool in various holders. I have made 3 of them to try out different shapes. I'm looking for a tool that will do all my small hollowing. I wanted a tool that will leave a really good finish so if I make it a box or a highly pierced piece I don't have to sand or at least sand very little.

The hunter tool cuts clean enough but the #1 tool needed a better holder to reach into ornaments and closed hollow vessels. I sat down with my version of a CAD program, a pencil, paper and scissors. I drew various shapes, cut them out and tried them on drawings of ornaments, hollow vessels of all kinds of shapes.

Here's what I've come up with so far. The first shot is a photo of 2 of my tools with the hunter cutter on the tip and the middle one is my homemade John Jordan tool with the #1 cutter installed.

You will notice my tools are canted in the handle. This keeps the tip in line with center of the handle and reduces the twisting. The top one has the cutter angled at 45 degrees and is in a square bar. The bottom one is at 35 degrees and is a flat bar. This one is my favorite shape so far.

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