Turning Archive 2007

New toy I mean tool

stacey s
>I got it yesterday. It is a Granberg Alaska Mill Mark III. I spent the whole day today learning how to use it and set it up. I only managed to cut one 8' oak log and one 8' pine log but I am pleased. I plan to use it to cut wood for my wife to use in her scrollsaw work in the future and will use it to prep wood for me in my turning so that it will be easier to work with. I am real impressed with it and look forward to seeing what else I can cut with ti. I am planning on cutting down a maple or poplar soon so that I can make some plates for christmas gifts this year.(need to hurry up and get that done!) Thought I would share my new tool and see what others thought of it. I figured today that I cut around 150board feet of wood(just a guess) and this alone once ready will near about pay for the tool.

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