Turning Archive 2007

OT: Sabayon Linux 3.4 released! *LINK*

Craig Daymon
>OK, so most of you probably don't care. But if you want to see just how cool Linux can get, you should check out this distribution. (There are over 100 Linux distributions representing different bundlings of different features and applications, sometimes for specific purposes such as home-brewed Tivo, and this is one of the coolest and feature packed.)

Sabayon is pretty much a bleeding edge Linux distribution. 3D rotating cube desktop, wiggling windows, all those Mac-isms with plenty of user options to set it the way you like. All the applications and more than you will ever need. Wordprocessing, e-mail, graphics, web browsers, security. Great astronomy programs for those that like the stars.

Anyway, it's free and pretty cool. If you know how to burn a DVD from an ISO file, just download it and check it out. Otherwise, it will cost a few $$ to get a disk sent to you.


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