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ICC's - individual correspondence courses

>Referencing a teaching technique from EGA: This is a technique where you sign up for a one-on-one class with an instructor. The instructor provides class instructions for a progressive project and the student submits interim projects results to the instructor as outlined to learn the technique. The instructor provides feedback for each stage. This is a great way to learn a technique and more importantly you can do it on your own time.

I personally want to learn the fine art of finishing, how to turn an off-centered mushroom, those very cool bird houses and eventually how to do a hollow form and to put a perfect finish on a pen...that lasts more that 10 seconds. My local turning guild unfortunately meets when I can't attend and I don't want to post my learning experiences on WC. I would rather have an instructor hold my effort in their hands and critique.

Members of Woodcentral - what is your opinion? Marianne

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