Turning Archive 2007

Montgomery County Woodturners

eliot d
>I suppose, by now, that some of the viewers here have seen some of my posts. I submit a fair amount but not as much as others. There's a three page "Member Profile" write -up about me, starting on page 18, of the August issue of the Montgomery County(Maryland) Woodturners newsletter that you may want to see. You can get to it via. www.montgomerycountywoodturners.org. Of course, even of more interest to someone in the Montgomery County area is the newsletter itself. Bert Bleckwenn, its editor, is doing a remarkable job with it. The profile has a fair amount of information, including links, to the ElboTool, the Spin Doctor, the Don Derry hollowing rigs and to the Jool Tool sharpening system. There's also a comment about David Ellsworth's reason for preferring hand-held hollowing vs. the use of constrained rigs .Let me know what you think.

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