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Message (update) for Jamie Donaldson

Ray Carson, Lawrenceville NJ
>I posted some questions about using or buying a Tormek and got some great commnets from the gang. Also, found a Tormek www.thingychatgroup at Yahoo which was quite helpful but sort of biased.
Anyway, that being said, I've been looking around, reading, trying to practice my skills some more and went to my evil grinder the other night to sharpen something and guess what I found out.....?
I stated in my earlier post that I had a grinder with a speed of 1750 rpms, which several people including yourself said was sufficient. Okay. I'll listen to someone with experience. It's all good.
I looked at the "specs" on my grinder the other night after cussing it out and realized it turns at 3450 rpms. That and I don't own great lathe tools either.
So, I think the combination of cheap steel tools, high grinder speeds, and my lack of experience with sharpening techniques is what is causing my frustration with "Turning."
Someone in my last post stated that a person should take the tools they have and learn to use them first. I agree with this 100%. I do think buying a slower speed grinder might help and it's a whole lot cheaper than a Tormek. Also, getting a jig like the Wolverine system might be a better way to go.
I just wanted to thank you Jamie for making me think a little bit more about making a big $$$ purchase when maybe I didn't need to.

Thanks !!
Ray :-)

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