Turning Archive 2007

discarding sandpaper power disks

eliot d
>I know the advice about using sandpaper as if it belongs to the other guy. Still, the stuff's not really free, and I just can't bring myself to toss it after only a few uses.( I'm talking about power sanding with 3 in disks -- not hand sanding.) I use the disks from Woodchucker in Canada. I go up to 1000, and have been getting fine results. I do toss one when it feels like it's taking too long to get out the scratches from the last grit. I spend a lot of time sanding and don't tolerate any sanding scratches, but I don't think of the stuff as free and confess to using the disks over and over. So how do you really decide when to discard one of these disks?

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